5 First Date Tips That Will Make a Guy Go Crazy for You

When it comes to first dates, although they are immensely fun, there are a couple of key points that every girl should pay attention to. It can be quite frustrating when you find the right guy, but your A game just isn’t quite catching his attention the way you thought it would. Here are 5 great tips to help you show off your best sides during the first date.

1. Say the right thing

During a first date, we all get a little nervous, which can trigger our defense mechanisms like talking too much. Although making small talk is good, it can become dull, so the guy may want to fake a phone call or find another excuse to leave as soon as possible. In order to create a romantic atmosphere, and to catch his interest, you should focus on some more interesting questions. Try asking him about his favorite music or movies. And then, by listening to what he has to say, you will get hints of whether you are compatible with each other in terms of interests. Make sure to really listen to him – don’t go off topic as soon as he finishes talking.

2. Dress accordingly

More importantly, don’t wear too much make up hoping that he will take you out to a gala at some posh place. Instead, dress according to the occasion; if you’re going to see a movie, then dress casually and put on an appropriate amount of makeup. Make sure to check out some great outfit ideas for your first date. Secondly, don’t think that just because it’s a first date you will have to put on your most expensive clothes.

3. Don’t be rude

Being kind on your first date will greatly improve your chances with him. This doesn’t mean that you will have to laugh at everything he says if he is not an interesting person. If you two don’t click from the start, don’t make it obvious, but try to remain classy. If you do hit it off, then make sure that you don’t make snide comments about the waiters or other people near you. And trust us, once a man sees how well-mannered you are, he will go crazy for you. If you need more help, make sure to seek look for some expert first date tips.

4. What’s my mom going to think of her?

It’s no secret that men are over-attached to their mothers. So, it’s kind of important to know that from the moment you two get to know one another, he is going to imagine the day when he will bring you home to his mother. This means that you will have to bring your best table manners, and refrain from using a lot of swear words and slang. If you can show him that you are well-behaved, he will know that his mother is going to love you.

5. Let your opinions be heard

When it comes to first dates, men usually prefer to ask you a lot about your opinion in order to see what kind of person you are. So, it is important that when he asks you something about your preferences, you answer honestly and show confidence. For example, if he asks you about what kind of food you want to try out, don’t say things like “I don’t know, you decide”. Instead, tell him what you love to eat – he will surely take you to the place where they serve your favorite dishes. The same goes for clubs and movies. Additionally, you can explore a variety of first date ideas to propose first.

Thus, we can conclude that it’s not that difficult to sweep a man off his feet. It only requires good listening skills, great table manners, and a strong decisive spirit.

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