Bad Breakup, Thinking About a Rebound? Eat Ice Cream Instead!

Honestly, I should have known better. I had gotten over a really bad ending to an engagement and finally decided I was ready to date. Well, I was ready to just have some fun and “get out there.” Just to get a clear background, my ex was all personality, so of course I decided to go for all looks. Makes sense, right? Not at all. In hindsight, I obviously wasn’t ready.

Anyway, a Ben Affleck look a like asked me to go to dinner one day while I was at work. Usually I had a “don’t date customers” rule, but I mean…come on, it was Ben! Our date started out okay. We went for sushi at this cute trendy restaurant. The conversation was a little lackluster, but I figured that was just first date awkwardness (it had been a while since I had a first date).

Around the time our glasses of wine came, iceI realized he wasn’t talking much because he was too busy trying to stare done my top. On went my cardigan, which really helped the conversation. He talked about himself the entire time..I don’t mean, most of the time. I mean, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. He then proceeded to spill wine on me, punch me in the shoulder like a “bro” and irritate me beyond belief. He took me home immediately after and tried to grope me in the car.

Moral here: After a bad breakup, wait until you’re really ready to date again. Having fun is one thing, but wasting time with a jerk when you could’ve been watching the new episode of “Mindy” in your pj’s…well, lets just say I’d take the latter.

~ Gia Rose


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    Sometime you think you are ready to get back out in the playing field, because maybe your co-workers, friends, or family convince you to, in order to move on. These folks, even yourself may feel this to be right, but time is really needed, in order to properly grieve over the loss of a relationship. Sometimes, we do not know this to be true, until we do put ourselves out there. Glad you did it, but I am sure the Rocky Road tastes better!

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