The Manipulative Bestie

Freshman year of college, was the breaking point of mine and my EX-best friend’s “friendship.” For all intent and purposes lets just call her “Sam” and the male love interest “Riley.” I’m going to start the summer before school started, just to get a tad bit more background to the story. Sam’s then-boyfriend, Dustin, had […]

Why Why Why!?

Right, so here I go…. I had been waiting ages to go out with him, ages and ages! He was going out with this girl, Megan. They went out for quite a while until one day when I was hanging out with him at school, he just blurted out “Will you go out with me?” […]

Simple As It Seems?

Dating may seem simple, but when your at High School, boys treat us like were just a game on their Xbox and when they give up, they break your heart. Jordan, who I thought was “The One” did this twice because I was so stupid. The first time I was all loved up and then […]

Love: A Shattered Story

They say love is wonderful, full of joy, and happiness. That is sometimes short lived, especially if one falls out of love for you for the smallest things. I have known the painful side of love and what it can do to someone who finds love in the wrong arms. When I first fell for […]

The Truth

The night it happened, I was coming home from church.The first thing I do is get on Facebook. My boyfriend messaged me, ,saying, I need to call him. His brother answered and said, ‘sorry but he wants you guys to break up.’ I could hear him laughing in the background. So, I told him stop […]