So this is how it goes. Me and this guy were together for 9 months. Got comfortable. Thought about marriage. BUUUUUUUUUT then we broke up because of my self confidence. He said, ‘lets just be friends; maybe even best friends.’  So we decided to keep going out (on and off) for at least a month. […]

My North Carolina, Sexually Addicted EX-Husband

I was married for seven long years to a man that was very sexually addicted. He was younger than I, but I felt age did not matter and when I first met him, I fell head over heels and saw past his dirty little secrets. I felt that whatever it was, I could change him […]

A Stalker Ex

It’s 2011 and I just started my first year of college in Canada. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, so I figured I should just focus on my school and my other personal projects. Well, this obviously didn’t go the way I wanted it to, because I met the “Love of My […]

Trust Your Gut

I met this guy through friends; he was tall, handsome, fit, charismatic, fun, and smart with beautiful eyes. Everything I thought I had always wanted. We started dating, only to break-up, off and on, every other week. Only to find out, it was because he was going between me and another girl he met through […]

Cropped Out

April, 2005 Yawn. Loud slurp of coffee. I shuffle to the living room, flop down on the couch. For twenty minutes, I stare at a wall. Then I pad over to my computer to check my email. There it is: the weekly list of my ideal matches. I’m on, you see. Three times a […]