Falling for Gray

With my religious upbringing, I believed it was important to keep my physical sexuality on lockdown; but as a millennial, I quickly learned how exciting online chatrooms could be and spent many of my teen years cybersexxing as much as possible. I loved the sexually charged content, my arousal, and the creative writing opportunity a […]

Disaster Date

I was new to Minnesota and had come across a Liberian who wanted to take me out. I was hesitant at first, but then thought that it couldn’t hurt. I informed him that I did not know what the city had to offer so don’t ask me what I wanted to do. Everyone I came […]

Shoot Me Now!

Starting over after being married for 10 years can be an interesting feat. I was in my late 20’s with 3 children and was just looking for a little time out of the house when it all started. Let me just state upfront that I’m not one to deal with cheesy pick up lines, unintelligent […]

Online Dating

As society progresses further into the technology era, an increasing number of people my age are joining online dating sites. My friends always talk about how that is the direction society is heading; everything is done online these days, including dating. I’ve never been the type to call attention to myself, let alone “sell” myself, […]

Bad Breakup, Thinking About a Rebound? Eat Ice Cream Instead!

Honestly, I should have known better. I had gotten over a really bad ending to an engagement and finally decided I was ready to date. Well, I was ready to just have some fun and “get out there.” Just to get a clear background, my ex was all personality, so of course I decided to […]