Online Romancing: Deal or No Deal?

I’ve been part of a pseudo-scientific psychology sort a forum for a while now. There are lots of hook-ups on the sites, ones I condone; mostly because these individuals are smart and deliberate. Not people who would haphazardly jump into a relationship with somebody over the internet. I have to admit as well, I’ve been […]

Really?!?! You Only Like American-Made Products!?!

So, I was starting a new adventure of on-line dating…it’s scary enough to put yourself out there. So, when I met a really nice guy that was what I was looking for (had a good job, house, tall, nice smile, and loved animals), I started to get excited about our date. We talked on the […]

Look Like Your Picture!!

I remember when I just started getting back out into the dating world by way of online dating. I met two guys who did not look like the pictures that were presented to me. One guy had gained weight and was much heavier than his picture and the other guy was too skinny and lost […]

A 3D Adventure?

I have been with my honey for a year now, so we have gone on many-a-date. So, since this isn’t really a new relationship and we have done a lot with each other so far, new ideas can be kinda tricky. We actually just had a “daytime” date with each other recently. We decided to […]