Swing Date “Dress-Up Game”

Meeting up with your date at the park? It is a beautiful summer day and I know the two of you are going to enjoy your picnic in the warm weather. Oh wait, but what should they wear? Are shorts too casual for him? Should she wear a skirt? Please help them play the game […]

Kiss The Bride “Dress-Up Game”

What?! You’re getting married! Have you picked out your dress yet? What will your hubby-to-be look like? Play the game to figure out how special your wedding will be!

Day Dream Lover “Dress-Up Game”

Are you day dreaming again about your date last week? Thinking of the moment when the two of you will have your first kiss? Well, day dream no longer as you can finally turn your dreams into a reality! What will you wear when this happens and how should you wear your hair? Play the […]

Blind Date “Dress-Up Game”

Wondering what to wear for your date? Not sure what he will be wearing? Take the guess work out of the date by playing the the fun game, “Blind Date.” Finally, a fun and interactive way to choose what you both should wear. Even choose your hairstyles too! 🙂