How to Dress For a First Date on the Beach

So, your crush finally asked you out! First dates can be truly amazing, especially if they are with someone you really like. You must be experiencing those jittery first-date butterflies, imagining how everything will go. One of the crucial elements of getting ready for that very first romantic day out is picking out the perfect […]

How to Please Your Boyfriend with Sex Toys

Maybe it’s time we all let go of prejudice and enjoyed ourselves a little. Sound cool? Sure it does. Especially if we’re talking about between-the-sheets enjoyment! Contrary to the popular belief that sex toys should be banned from the bedroom if you are in a happy relationship, truth is – they are more than welcome, […]

How to Always Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Okay, so, Valentine’s day is over, and so are your “gift duties” being “cute duties,” right? WRONG. The fact that people show affection just during holiday times really gets on my nerves. I just can’t stand it anymore, so for all of you who want to get out of those stereotypical relationship patterns, I created […]

5 First Date Tips That Will Make a Guy Go Crazy for You

When it comes to first dates, although they are immensely fun, there are a couple of key points that every girl should pay attention to. It can be quite frustrating when you find the right guy, but your A game just isn’t quite catching his attention the way you thought it would. Here are 5 […]

Female Author Teaches Men How to Cheat

Men being with multiple women at one time is nothing new. Men were allowed to have multiple wives in the bible and still to this day in some religions. American society has decided to not accept however the damage by then had already been done; it’s too late. It has been in a man’s DNA […]