Broken Dreams

He waits for you along the deep ravine, Smothered in dirt and leaves, His huge hand fits along the contour of your figure, The shadows all move along the waters, He’s a ghost of your coldest winter.

Do You Remember?

Do you remember when we would play? Do you remember when we exchanged hearts? ‘Best Friends Forever’ they say. Do you remember how sad I was? You didn’t even wear yours a day. Do you remember when we weren’t young anymore? Do you remember all the words to me you say? “Gross! Fat! Leave!” And […]


Rain causes panic. Their heads are spinning, running maniacs lost in the fog. They’re walking dead, slaughtering souls that cross their paths. The trauma of born monsters and deformed hearts, rippled from the cause of their own explosion. An explosion that once predicted, but left the world in black and white. A grey scale vision […]

Heartbreak Jake

I will never forget you Standin’ by myself Feelin’ so confused Cryin’ out for help You left me so alone With no chance to say “Good-bye” I’m feelin’ like a fool I just wanna know why I will never forget you ~ Desiray Matthews, Author    


9 months. 39 weeks. 273 days. 394,461 minutes. 23,667,694 seconds. Of time. Time spent with you. Time spent loving you. Time wasted. Wasted on you. Time you spent lying. Time you spend loving somebody else. How do I go back?  How do I reverse the time? If I knew what I know now, then I […]