Life is a Game…and Love is the Prize

Love Romance Novels Ladies? Take a sneak peek into Chapter 1 of the second book of one of the best romance series! “Christmas Valley Romance Series” by Chastity Sinclair “His face glowed in flickering candlelight and the air hissed with promise.” The days blew past like phone poles on the highway and Ann was exhausted. But […]

Original Sin

Many sins have come before me. My sin is he who dares to bring bitter sweet memories, that my heart rings to confusion. Plays and lays within the realm of deceit and illusion, for the deceiver only to receive a maddening smile. In his sick games, choosing a name of the next angel of heart. Sins follow the mind of the […]

My Best Friend

My boyfriend is my best friend. We go at it sometimes, Mostly over my driving and his backseat driving:) But we are always lovers – In the beginning, middle & in the end. I can’t help to touch him & give him rubbings. I do it without thinking, And, after 14 years, My touch he […]


With twisted mouth and crinkled nose prepared for time worn stale. I should jump right in I suppose. deep breath, okay, inhale. Biting down so carefully, on the dated heart. Which reads almost subliminally, “Will you be mine?” “Sweetheart” Grinding sweetness into dust, pasty glue between my teeth. Cupid, playing dentist, must struggle to remove […]


I refuse to be hindered My eyes they stay wide As I listen in silence To the voice in my mind The whispers are forceful The feelings intense I won’t get away Many failed attempts As I’m drug back to darkness My eyes they stay wide I will never be hindered But in time I […]