Those Who Say They Love You

Once you adored me from head to toe Now, you sleep next to the wall And my heart jumps at the thought of you touching me But you never do And while hoping slumber embraces me in your stead If you would just smile at me… Once made speechless by my presence All you could […]

Home Is Where The Heart Is…

As I turn the door handle ever so quietly, my heart is beating faster than a race horse on steroids. I keep repeating in my head, I can do it, I will make it! I can hear him talking on the phone to his friend while on the balcony smoking. So I knew he might […]

Head Over Heels

Head over heels, Heart over head, This kind of feels Like dreaming in bed. Lost in my mind Looking for a thought, Logic I can’t find Evades me as often as not. Looking glass And rabbit hole Through which I pass No longer whole. Left my heart In Wonderland, Tore myself apart In Neverland. Come […]

Relationships Come and Go

Two distant paths intersect… Colliding into love… But as fate would have it… These paths start to bend and the solidity of their strength starts to break… A once solid line now dotted with memories… As they are once again, two distant paths… ~ Nicole Radtke, Author

Too Hot to Cuddle

It was too hot to cuddle. So they let just the tips of each others toes touch, and lay there both staring up at the ceiling. The sheets smelled like him; of sweat, stale whiskey, and her. An oscillating fan made a faint, but irritating tick every time it started a new revolution, doing little […]