Meant To Be Together

They say that everything happens for a reason. My husband and I met in an unusual manner. I went through a situation I hope nobody else has to go through – the death of my spouse. His name was Jim. Jim wasn’t the best husband… Of course, I was under the impression that I couldn’t […]

Friends N’ Lovers

My now husband and I met a long time ago through my best friend when they were in college together. His best friend was my best friend’s boyfriend and they all lived here in Wisconsin together. I lived in Indiana and was attached at the time of meeting. After a few years of my best […]

The Love Of My Life

It was in November 21, 2012 when I started talking to the love of my life. We meet online, on a chat sight and started talking; being ourselves not knowing what the other one would do or say. We talked for about three hours before I told him that I was pregnant and he didn’t […]

What Went Wrong?

When you’re young, everything you do defines who you grew up to be later on in life. Well, when I was a kid, I didn’t really have friends that were boys. I grew up being so shy that when a guy comes up to talk to me I blush. I get flattered because they chose […]

Online Perfection

Two years ago on July 24th,2011, I created a profile on my which is now known as meet I was in a relationship at the time but really wanted to find someone who better suited me and had more in common with me. I started searching through other profiles when I received a […]