Madness & Miss Lilys

Thank the lord for early opening juice bars. Thank the lord for Melvin, the most upbeat, delightful individual I’ve probably encountered in all of my now 27 years. As I practically crawl into Miss Lilys, resembling a mugging victim/walk of shame survivor, my senses are assaulted by vibrant colors, reggae music blasting and the roar […]

My Husband Isn’t The Man I Thought He’d Be

Our wedding anniversary is this Sunday and it’s got me thinking… Most little girls start planning their wedding at age three (to prince charming, of course). Complete with those weird epaulette shoulder pad things like Cinderella’s prince. As we grow up, the criteria for a future husband changes (slightly)…and the list gets a whole lot […]

Reconnected After All These Years

How funny a grade school crush can rekindle after almost 30 years. God bless the social media (lol). He and I grew up in the same neighborhood and went to school together, even into High School. I noticed him, he noticed me; but I kept taking a different path. The past several months we have […]

Finding a Forever Love

I was giving up …. I figured one more time I would try the dating site. It is harder as you get older…not like when you are young and in your 20’s. You have formed your daily patterns and your ‘married friends’ think that the ease of being on your own is so much fun. […]

In Love with a 60 Year Old Man

I didn’t really know that I liked older men, until I met him a year ago. I am 41 years old and he is 60. I have been through alot with men! This man has an 11 year old daughter and a 100 year old mom. We work three jobs, he makes love to my mind first, and […]