Disaster Date

~ Krystal Pinkins

~ Krystal Pinkins

I was new to Minnesota and had come across a Liberian who wanted to take me out. I was hesitant at first, but then thought that it couldn’t hurt. I informed him that I did not know what the city had to offer so don’t ask me what I wanted to do. Everyone I came in contact with always said the same activities (bowling and movies) and I didn’t want to do either.So his first mistake was when he came to pick me up at my apartment and was waving to get my attention from across the street. I thought”Who do I look like? A cab driver?” but I went along anyway. Just in case he could not hold a conversation, I brought my Ebony Magazine.

I get into the car and the first thing he says is “What do you want to do?” I reminded him that I didn’t have anything in mind, but I was needing to be back by 10:30pm to complete my homework. He acted as if he could not think of anything, so I said a movie. As we are going to the movie, he takes me to his apartment. So a red flag goes up because his place did not look like a theater to me. As we go inside, I see two other guys there. One was his brother who must have seen the look of defense on my face because he rushed to me to explain that nothing was going to happen and that I was perfectly safe. So when the brother and friend leave, I tell my supposed date that if he was done showing me off, I was ready to see the movie. We finally get to the movie and as it’s getting good, he realizes that he needs to take his brother to work.

So, we left the movie and yes I am upset at that point. We pick up his brother and make a stop by Target. As he goes inside, the brother begins asking me about the date. I let him know that it was a disaster and that I wish I had run into him at the store instead of his brother. We drop his brother off and then once again, he asks what I want to do next. So I say bowling. Before we make it, he makes another stop by his place. I get more wise at this point and decide to use his phone to call my mother. I let her know that if she had not heard from me in the next 30 minutes to phone the police. Along with that, I begin to bad mouth him in his face to see if that would make him take me home. That did not work. So we get to the alley and two more guys appear. He asks me how many games I wanted to play and I reminded him of my curfew. So, after two broken fingernails later, I notice that the place is shutting down. Why? Because it was 12 midnight and the place was closing. So I am furious. I tell him to take me home now!! When we get to my place, he asks to use my restroom and I say HELL NO!!! The furthest that he would get to my apartment was at the lobby where our security guard was. The next day comes and as I’m coming, security asks if I was expecting a visitor because someone came looking for me around midnight, which was around the time that I got off of work, and all I could think of was that Ebony Magazine.


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    You were a trooper by staying in the date as long as you did. You were smart to have had your wits about you to call your mom, just to be safe. I ‘m glad that nothing bad happened and that you never invited him up to your place. Too bad you didn’t drive separately, so you could go home. Next time, I would meet your date at Starbucks for coffee and just feel the person out first, instead of being roped into an all night affair.

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