Do You Remember?

Do you remember when we would play?
Do you remember when we exchanged hearts?
‘Best Friends Forever’ they say.
Do you remember how sad I was?Friends Come and Go
You didn’t even wear yours a day.
Do you remember when we weren’t young anymore?
Do you remember all the words to me you say?
“Gross! Fat! Leave!” And so much more.
Do you remember how you cast me astray?
Did you even care to begin with?
Our once strong friendship slipped away.
Do you remember the horrible things you did to me?
My trust you had betray.
Do you know I still have my heart?
I wear it everyday.
Do you remember what we promised?
“The heart would be broken if we leave so don’t Okay?
Well, guess what; You left, so I did too.
Now everyday I hope and pray.
That you can help me have good emotions for you again.
And that I can have my friend back someday…

~ Nessie Love


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    I feel that everyone can relate and understand to this situation. This poem could be of a dating or platonic nature and it works either way. Best friends come and go. If you are supposed to be in each others’ lives, then the right day and time will happen. Maybe not now, but later?

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