Female Author Teaches Men How to Cheat

Men being with multiple women at one time is nothing new. Men were allowed to have multiple wives in the bible and still to this day in some religions. American society has decided to not accept however the damage by then had already been done; it’s too late. It has been in a man’s DNA since the beginning for time and it’s not going to stop now.

Cheating continues to be a major topic in the news, on tv shows, and continues to occupy conversations. The bottom line is men cheat and women stay. Being since this is a proven fact, I have written a book to teach men how to cheat without getting caught!

No need to reread that last line again. Not only have I written the book but it is already available for purchase. Women always want to blame other woman when cheating occurs however the blame should be placed with them.


Women nag and complain far too much, too lazy, too dramatic, too easy! Truth be told women often drive men to cheat. I just decided to teach men a better way to do it. I have appeared on countless of radio shows and I am often surprized at just how sad woman have become. They would rather threathen and curse me than to accept that fact that they are this real reason men cheat.

I have often said “If women left their cheating men then there would be no need for my book!” Ladies, don’t hate the messenger, just accept the message.

I have attached an overview of the book (http://www.howmenshouldcheat.com)

~ Six Fernandez, Author


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    I believe most women would have an issue with your viewpoint, but diversity is what makes the world go round. I think you create an entirely new perspective on this matter. It is true that some men cheat, whatever the reason. If you feel like you can capitalize on it and help them, who should be your judge and jury? If you feel you are providing a service and men will hear you and understand, then that is entirely up to you. You do make a great conversation piece, that’s for sure.

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