Friends N’ Lovers

My now husband and I met a long time ago through my best friend when they were in college together. His best friend was my best friend’s boyfriend and they all lived here in Wisconsin together. I lived in Indiana and was attached at the time of meeting. After a few years of my best friend and her man dating, they decided to get married. They were going to elope, but as families do, his butted in and insisted to be present. She called me up 3 days before the wedding crying and pleading for me to come and be her maid of honor, witness, and family member. Her mother had passed and her father was terminally ill. So, naturally I came. Of course, the best man was his best friend.
tumblr_mdikqjPZj51qlzscso1_500 My now husband had recently started law school and my best friend had mentioned it in casual conversation. Upon hearing of his good news, me being the total ass I can be, told he “well tell him when he’s done paying for law school, I will marry him.” (making fun of what I now know as crippling student debt). When we got to the wedding, we were all drinking. Things got very heated and the next morning we proceeded To tell each other neither was in a place for a serious relationship and we went our separate ways. About a month later, we hooked up again and agreed to a “Friends with Benefits” thing but nothing serious. Neither was in a place for long term. Especially with me living two states away. After a few more hook ups, the last of which, I came here. We were so head over heels, I never left. That was seven years ago. We are still as happy and passionate as the first time and often joke and tell each other it was just a one night stand.

~ Mrs. Awesome


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    Sometimes relationships are not quite the right fit in your life, at that time, for a reason. For some, it just isn’t the right timing. But, I am glad that the stars did align for you and your beau and you were able to finally be together in the end.

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