How to Always Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Okay, so, Valentine’s day is over, and so are your “gift duties” being “cute duties,” right? WRONG. The fact that people show affection just during holiday times really gets on my nerves. I just can’t stand it anymore, so for all of you who want to get out of those stereotypical relationship patterns, I created the list of the best tips on how to make your relationship always fun and perfect, just like it is during the holidays. You will see that it is not that hard at all. Without further ado, here they are. Take notes.

Text Your Heart Out

If you miss your partner when you are separated TELL THEM THAT! That’s what mobile phones are for! I don’t have to tell you how great it feels to get a long paragraph about how much the person you love misses or appreciates you. You can even send some sexy texts just to spice things up at work a little bit (wink).

Go Somewhere

When the relationship gets serious, couples tend to replace fancy dinners and going out with sitting in front of the TV. And as much as you love spending time with your partner, it just gets boring eventually. This is why you two have to spend some quality time together and get out of the house. Go to the movies, theatre, a party, for a dinner, or a walk – whatever. Make sure that you do this at least once a week, you know. For example, make Friday your day for dates.

Surprises are Always Welcome

Whoever says they don’t love surprises (especially from their loved one) is a big fat liar! Getting some fun and quirky gifts, flowers, or movie tickets on random days is probably the best thing ever! I still keep every single random gift from all of my exes, and a very small amount of those given to me for my B-day or Valentine’s. It is just that those random gifts have a “soul,” you know? Oh, and let’s not forget the famous and the best answer when your partner asks you what’s it for: “I don’t know, I saw it and I thought of you.” Aaaawww!!!  

Double Dating

Although it may seem like a 16-year old thing, this is actually pretty useful advice. By spending time with couples who are in strong relationships and have the same values as you, you are reinforcing the importance of commitment. Not to mention that it is super fun and keeps everything much more exciting.


Humor is always more than welcome. With pranks, you are adding a pinch of adrenaline into your relationship since your partner will definitely want to get back at you. Practical jokes are always refreshing, but whatever you do, make sure that nobody’s hurt and that nobody’s missing a piece of anything (wink). Also, you can team up against other people (or couples) and wake your inner children once again. Hello prank wars! 

Activities for Two

No, this doesn’t necessarily mean pottery classes, chill. There are many cool activities the two of you can do, and here are three of my favorites.

  • Dance Classes

Even if your “other half” might HATE dancing, there are some compromises that need to be made. Not to mention that this is a really useful activity if you two are kind of party animals. Even if you’re not, you will eventually attend a wedding or a b-day bash together, so why would you embarrass yourself, right? Plus, dancing is one of the best forms of exercise.

  • Cocktail Mixing Classes

Is there anything more fun than alcohol? Hell yeah, there is: learning how to make all that delicious booze by yourself! Not only are you going to be the main guests of any future party, but you will also have so much fun learning this. And do I even have to start on the combination of mixing alcohol in an empty house and loud music (wink)?

  • Couple Boxing Classes

Before you start nagging about box classes, imagine this: the two of you in a ring, wearing boxing shorts and gloves, start fighting, and end up laughing like crazy, kissing, and having the time of your lives. Not to mention that you can also make this even more fun by making bets out of it: whoever loses has to wash the dishes that night.

Sex is Something That Can Always be Refreshed

Probably the biggest reason for a lack of romance is a routine between the sheets. When you realize that this happened to you, it needs to be changed. Here is how you can try:

  • Go shopping at an adult store;
  • Use an entire house as your bed;
  • Turn your lunch hour into a “quickie hour” – just do it instead of lunch breaks;
  • Lock your mobile phones in boxes for at least 5 hours and turn off all the electronic devices in the house, and thank me later.

In the end, there is only one last thing left to say: whatever you do, always choose love. Make it your guide and your protector. Love will set you free!

~ Claire Hastings

Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.

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