How to Please Your Boyfriend with Sex Toys

Maybe it’s time we all let go of prejudice and enjoyed ourselves a little. Sound cool? Sure it does. Especially if we’re talking about between-the-sheets enjoyment! Contrary to the popular belief that sex toys should be banned from the bedroom if you are in a happy relationship, truth is – they are more than welcome, especially if you want to spice things up or just give your routine a little boost. Also, please let go of the notion that sex toys are for single women (and men) only – that’s making you so 2000, and we hope you’re more fun than that!

If you’ve already got a man, and the sex is awesome but you want to try something new, why not give sex toys a try. If you’re unsure as to where to start, here are a few great tips that’ll help you choose the right sex weapon to use with your man:

#1 Lubes and Massage Oils

What’s hot sex without massage oils and your favorite lube? If you still haven’t got your faves, rush down to the sex shop (or the pharmacy) and get your own sets of flavored lubes, fragrant lubes, lubes that leave tingling sensations…you name it! Both lubes and massage oils enhance sexual pleasure and make sex and penetration much easier… which is a double-whammy.

#2 The Vibrating Egg

Although it’s got a weird name, a vibrating egg (also known as the bullet) is one of the most gratifying and versatile sex toys out there. With the vibrating egg, you’re guaranteed an orgasm every time, whether you are using it solo or with your partner. Yes, you’ve read it right “EVERY TIME!” What’s totally great about this toy (apart from its ability to never fail to give you pleasure) is that it is one of the cheapest sex toys available. This is ideal for you if you’re both sex toy novices.

#3 Butt Plugs

Woah, don’t cringe just yet! Let the idea in a bit before you dismiss it (but you hopefully won’t). Before you go into thinking “but anal sex is for gays and porn stars,” no it is not. Anal penetration is actually perfect for both women and men for various reasons. It’s touching on the nerve endings of the anus providing phenomenal pleasure! As for the stimulating butt plugs, “they are a great alternative to the in-and-out motion of anal penetration that can sometimes feel overwhelming because you can simultaneously have the feeling of being filled up, without the intensity of friction.” The feeling is absolutely amazing and we hope both you and your partner are open enough to try this miracle of orgasm!

#4 The Vibrating Penis Ring

If you’re one of the women who’s got hard time reaching an orgasm from just sex, you’ll love this toy! Btw, do know that you are not the only one having difficulties in this area – a majority of women don’t ever orgasm from penetration only.

As for this toy…. the ring restricts the blood flow as it is placed on the shaft of your partner’s penis giving him harder, more prominent erections. Naturally, this is insanely pleasurable for your man and can give you both the most amazing sensations that you will ever experience. Depending on which sensation you want, this ring can either be directed to your clitoris or his testicles, so make sure you decide wisely (or just try both!).

#5 The Mini Massager

Why do we love mini massagers? Well, because a) they are super discreet b) they are not as intimidating as massive dildos can be c) they are perfect for first-timers.

The idea is to find a toy that’s giving you pleasure, not something that evokes “Get that thing away from me” reaction! This toy is so small you hardly even realize that you’re using a sex toy but is as effective as a big vibrator. Suggestion: start playing with yourself using it, and your guy will come running!

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