I Met Him Online

I met Jacob at church three days before my sixteenth birthday last summer, 6/16/13. We met, added each other on Facebook, and have been almost inseparable ever since. We talked for about 6 months and were together for almost 3, but he decided to break things off on Thanksgiving of 2013. I still have feelings for him, but another guy has since came into my life, Dustin.

My freshman year of high school, I decided to make a myyearbook account which is now called meetme. I’ve met a couple guys from meetme in Online Datingperson, but those relationships didn’t work out. I thought about giving up on love and then I got a message on meetme from a guy named Dustin. So I messaged him back and we hit it off. I’ve known Dustin for about 6 months. We snapchatted, texted, and called, and he wanted to hang out and I finally had a free weekend. So a couple weeks ago, I went to the mall with my family and we met there and hung out for the rest of the day until he finally had to go home. We are still talking, but eventually going to start dating soon. I really like him a lot and I can tell there is something there.

I hope we will be together for a long time.

~ Desiray Matthews



  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    I love to see blossoming relationships and am excited to see where this goes for you! Online has become more popular in meeting people now, than 10 years ago. I hope you two kick it off and don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to make things happen. If they do naturally and it works out, then great!

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