Love At First Sight

Love at First SightIt’s freshman year last year for us at a middle school. I was a girl with brown eyes who wore make up and glasses and is also a shy person. I have a best friend but she didn’t come later, anyways going on. During the ¬†first day of school, everyone is excited to see everyone. And me of course, the girl that was obsessed with this guy with swag for almost two damn years. *Sigh* life of a high schooler. There was this new student; he was talking and quite charming. “He’s cute” she thought, but nothing more.. She thought to herself, how could she like someone already? That was the quickest thing she had ever done. Then after that, she told her best friend that she was in love already. He had first hour with them and they were talking about him! He had a lot of classes that she had. As times went by, her best friend went to ask him if he has a girlfriend and he said yes but why? (but they didn’t tell him the reason why).

As time went by, Emily has the guts to talk to Kourazy (she was madly falling for him). But he was into talking to other girls and being a bad ass (but still cute). Yes, guys these days were. She saw how he’s always walking her best friend to class and these other girls. She thought to herself…”How do I end up being in the friend zone?” So one day at school, Kourazy and his friend Alex played “who can get the most numbers” and Emily was thinking if she should give her real number. So she did and she just thought, “he’s gonna throw it away.” But one night, he was sad and he picked up the phone to call her. To her surpise, she wouldn’t have thought it was him, but her dreams came true and they talked and talked and she giggled and laughed. Soon enough, she fell for him..

Time passing by, it was near an important dance called “Fall Dance” I believe…oh no, “Formal.” And Emily had went out with her best guy friend and she was stupid to give him her school ID so she couldn’t go to formal. She wanted to ask Kourazy but Jeff wouldn’t give it back to her. He likes her but he didn’t want her to go with Jeff. So she ends up home. Then after all that, it was Christmas break and they were home and Kourazy called Emily the next day after New Year’s countdown to talk. Then, he hooked her up with his best friend, Cheng. She didn’t want to, but she just wanted to make him jealous and she duno if it worked or not. After a week,Love at First Sight they broke up and her best friend Linda went out with him and Emily didn’t care. All she wanted was Kourazy but he showed her no sign.

Soon enough, it was his birthday and he invited her and her brother and friends from school. That was the first time she ever drank and she liked it after that. She was the only goodie girl then. She went hoping to get to talk to him, but he was busy with this other girl, Adrian. Emily felt sad so she wanted to go home and begged her brother and he took her home. The next morning, the boys went to go help him and after they were done, they came back to her house and we’re gonna go fishing. He came into her room and talked to her. He also wrote in her chest. He kept telling her he doesn’t like her like that, so she was sad. The boys came back and they were sleeping over since it was late. Kourazy told Emily to go talk to him downstairs and she did; they talked for a long time. He still missed his “ex’ and he goes on the internet to keep up with her. They talked and talked and he was falling asleep and she told him she was gonna go to sleep too. That night, they were close to kissing but they didn’t do it. After all that, days later they went out and they were a successful couple.

~ Miely Moua


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    Some people will debate if love at first sight is real? Is it lust or the real deal? Those who feel it, should go with it and try to make it happen. If you have a connection after talking, then the rest is gravy. The hard part is having it and the other person does not feel the same immediately as you do. Sometimes, no matter how long it takes, giving up is not an option (just don’t get into stalker territory). After time, sometimes the other person will have an “Aha moment” and fall in love even though it took them longer than you.

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