Love Does Come To Those Who Wait For It

I finally took the advice of a good friend to try on-line dating after years of not wanting to persue it again. I knew what I was getting into and unfortunately, my first few rounds were extremely unsuccessful. Begrudgingly, I created a profile and started communicating with potential suitors. I had a ton of “hits” the first few weeks and was starting to get optimistic about dating. After a couple weeks of conversations on the phone and emails back and forth I started to meet these men in person. As I was afraid of, many were very strange in person and some were just down-right creepy. Some of these men only wanted sexual interaction while others just seemed like they didn’t even know what they wanted in life, let alone a companion.

After several months I met a man that I thought was great…at first…we dated for a couple months and then I fell ill and had to be hospitalized…he became distant and started to act very weird. I knew deep down in my soul that he wasn’t for me from the get-go but settled since I was sick of the dating scene. I ended things with him and then decided to cool it on dating. After a couple months I decided to get back out there…again, I went through the same motions and didn’t have any success until one day….

I saw a profile pic of a cute nerd-like guy and decided to message him. What else could I lose?! He could either respond or not respond and I wouldn’t blink an eye. He messaged me shortly after and we really seemed to hitMe and My Guy it off. He had the same sarcastic humor that I have and loved animals like I love animals. Even better…HE WASN’T A CREEP OR WEIRDO! We finally met in person and I was very closed off @ first; having dealt with awful suitors in the past. He still pushed through and we continued to go on dates and eventually I opened myself up to him and we became inseparable. He not only respects me but wants to be a better man to better his life for both of us. After only a month or so, we fell in love. It takes a lot for me to open up and trust someone and I just knew that I could trust him. Fast forward to 5 months later and we are planning on moving in together in less than 2 weeks. We communicate, have great chemistry, and are truly in-love. Shout out to my friend who kept supporting me during my dating ups and downs. I deleted my profile a long time ago and don’t plan on going back. 🙂

~ Lauren Crane


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    I am so happy that your friend pushed you to keep looking. It is true, those dating do encounter bad apples along the way. But I am glad that you waited for a ripe apple to fall into your life. You two do make an adorable couple and am really happy for you both!

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