My Best Friend


My boyfriend is my best friend.
We go at it sometimes,
Mostly over my driving and his backseat driving:)
But we are always lovers –
In the beginning, middle & in the end.
I can’t help to touch him & give him rubbings.
I do it without thinking,
And, after 14 years,
My touch he holds dear.
I’m still drawn to his voice,
My hearing finely tuned.
I love the way he sounds…
A deep gravel pitch that gives me chills,
Like no one else I’ve found.
I love to play with his soft dark hair.
My fingers climbing all over his head…
Then reaching around to his chin,
I find his goatee,
And, my fingers again happily sink in.
His brown eyes sparkle with life,
And his smile is twice as nice.
He is aggressive and hyper.
Very honest and forth right.
A stately lion is what he be,
Who takes pride in his den,
Always taking care of his family.
He is Scottish, but a lot of Indian I see.
He is built from good stock,
Like the sturdiest of trees.
I feel like the bear,
Rubbing against him constantly.
An itch that never goes away,
I am truly satisfied every day.
He takes care of me so completely,
I couldn’t ask for more.
This man is all mine,
And there is no higher score!
We rock at concerts all summer long,
And go skinny dipping in our pool,
When night time has come.
We are an affectionate couple,
And people always say…
We tell them,
Everywhere is our room,
And anywhere will do –
This room, that room, against the wall…
On the pool table,
Or the front seat of our car.
That desk doesn’t look too small;
And, the rocking chair?
Well that’s a ball!
Except for when my forehead bops off the wall,
And my fingers get pinched against the panel board:)
We are both a little crazy…
Always laughing,
We have the most fun.
We work very hard together,
Making sure that things get done.
This is how I believe it should be,
When you truly love someone.
So, kudos to my man who is with me still today.
I pray for everyone to find someone;
The magical lock with the matching key.
I feel very blessed that God thought it best,
To bring us both together in this way;
Because we are even happier…
So many years later, down the road today.

~ Debra Hanna, Author


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    I feel like this is a poem that anyone in a relationship can smile at and imagine as thmeselves. For the visual, I actually put myself in your place and could picture the fun, playfulness, and love of you and your partner. Great poem!

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