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online-dating-killed-cupid-300x288 (1)As society progresses further into the technology era, an increasing number of people my age are joining online dating sites. My friends always talk about how that is the direction society is heading; everything is done online these days, including dating. I’ve never been the type to call attention to myself, let alone “sell” myself, so right off the bat. Any online dating profile I create would be false advertising and would probably contain a description such as, “I will probably dump you, but if you want to have fun for 3-6 months, hit me up.”

I’ve never actively sought out a boyfriend. For the most part, I avoid dating because the guys I tend to be attracted to are dirty, unemployed, they smoke all my weed, and put a major damper on my social life. Yet somehow my friends cannot understand why I wouldn’t join an online dating site, especially given all my rants about how annoying it is that I have to go out to a bar and actually pretend to be interested in whatever some random guy has to say, just to get my rocks off. The end result is usually not worth it. I typically have to deal with that awkward moment when they think they are going to be sleeping over and I have to say, “So how are you getting home?”

dontYou’d be surprised at how sensitive guys can be, more so than girls sometimes. It usually has to do with their ego, in that they cannot fathom that after a couple 3 minute long rumbles in the bed sheets; I have not fallen in love and want them to stay forever. After telling him to go home, one guy spit his gum in my kitchen sink on his way out. Needless to say, I deleted his number. Who does that? He even denied it, like who else would have spit their gum in my sink? We were the only ones in my apartment that night. Then there was the guy I actually dated for about 6 months. He was sleeping over and got up to eat some of my ice cream (out of the container, which I do, but it’s MY ice cream). I was mostly asleep but vaguely heard the clanking of silverware soon after and thought for a second then decided, “No, it couldn’t have been?” When I woke up the next morning, he had already left for work and I opened up my silverware drawer to see a spoon with white streaks. Without washing it, he put the spoon back in the silverware drawer! Fine, if you don’t want to wash it, just leave it in the sink! Now, I’m not saying that is WHY I broke up with him, but that was the final straw.

~ Bri Leve


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    You remind me of my “single” self. I am in a relationship, but when I was single, I felt exactly the same way as you with some of the points you made. I agree with you on the sensitive guys thing and I feel that more and more guys are flip flopping this with girls. Since when did we turn into men and they women?

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