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Two years ago on July 24th,2011, I created a profile on my which is now known as meet I was in a relationship at the time but really wanted to find someone who better suited me and had more in common with me. I started searching through other profiles when I received a message. It was from a guy named Dylan who was 15 years old and lived in the same city as me. He asked how I was doing and we began to chat for what seemed like ever. I found that he lived just a couple blocks away from my grandmothers house, which was where I was at, at the time. We talked on the phone till the early morning. After a few hours of shut eye, I invited him over to meet for the first time. I told my grandmother that I had met him at “Skate Dayz” to make it seem okay. When he got out of his mothers car, right away my heart melted. He was so cute. We spent the day playing air hockey in the basement and out by the pool. I felt so comfortable around him and I had developed strong feelings for this guy.

I knew I had to make a decision…

The next day, I ignored my current boyfriend whenever he tried to call me. He was supposed to come over that evening but I figured ignoring him would prevent that…but it didn’t. He showed up and I told him that I had feelings for Dylan. Which he had met a few times at his own friends house a few months before. I broke it off with Tyler and called Dylan to tell him the news. I was crying. I felt so bad, but at the same time so happy. As Dylan was on the other end of the phone when I told him the news. Anyway, we talked that whole week from night till morning, then from morning till night. Then at the end of the week on July 30th, we started dating. It was great.

Our first year and a half together wasn’t easy. He had a history of being a “player” before he met me and thought our relationship was going to be like his past ones. But from the start I was serious about everything. After he made a few mistakes with flirting online and texting “love phrases” to past hoes, I still stuck by him, but not after breaking up with him for two days after the third time. He changed this year though. He swears that he hasn’t done anything like that since then and will never do it again because he see’s how much I love him and how much he loves me. He tells people how he wants to be with me forever and grow old with me. That’s our plan. And we are doing better than ever before. He’s my soul mate. We may only be 17, but my family has a history of teen love growing into marriage and kids.

My advice for teen lovers would be to not listen to what anyone tells you. Follow your heart <3


~ Alexis Tracy


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    I feel that a lot of people tend to “settle” in a relationship, but I love that you were not afraid to look for someone, to make yourself feel 100% complete and not 75%. Let me tell ya, relationships are never easy, they all require work, no matter the age. I am glad that you stayed by your man’s side and are teaching him to change in a positive way, for your future together.

  2. thank you! And yes. We have had our share of arguments but I feel working through them makes our relationship stronger.

  3. I’m glad things worked out for you two! Relationships can be like rollercoasters and, like Lil’ Miss Gossip said, are never easy but its how you get through the hard times that shows what kind of person you are.

    By the way, cute pictures!

    • Oh thank you! The one in the middle is from 2013, the one to the right is 2011 (the first photo we took together) and the one on the left is from 2012

  4. Desiray Matthews says:

    I have a meetme also and seeing this just gave me hope! I met a guy named Dustin and he’s so cute! We’ve only hung out once but there’s a connection between us. I’m glad you shared your story. Thank you so much!!

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