Original Sin

Escaping AngelMany sins have come before me.
My sin is he who dares to bring bitter sweet memories, that my heart rings to confusion.
Plays and lays within the realm of deceit and illusion, for the deceiver only to receive a maddening smile.
In his sick games, choosing a name of the next angel of heart.
Sins follow the mind of the mad deceiver till he falls in love with an angel.
Only to receive Pandora’s gift of misery.
Only to come back and play with the angel and hack chaos within her shattered heart.
Till one day the angel escaped from the hells of the deceiver, leaving him to suffer alone.
My original sin was he.
Till I broke from the sin into the air of heaven, away from the lair of deception.

~ Angelique Andino, Author


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    This is a deep thinking poem that makes you wonder if it is referring to a true angel and devil? Or is it just a metaphor for how the emotions feel in a bad relationship and the escape from it? Either way, it is a beautifully written poem with such symbolism and meaning.

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