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Starting over after being married for 10 years can be an interesting feat. I was in my late 20’s with 3 children and was just looking for a little time out of the house when it all started. Let me just state upfront that I’m not one to deal with cheesy pick up lines, unintelligent conversations, or head games. After all, I had just got out of a relationship full of head games. I can turn those around on the best of them, making them look stupid and all while making them look, and feel, like a complete idiot.

I went out on a date with a guy I had met. I was already a little hesitant on it after meeting him for coffee previously. He was one of those guys who talks as if he could handle himself, but doesn’t appear to have the know-how. Nevertheless, I got dressed up, something I don’t do often, and met him for dinner. The restaurant was packed so it took some time getting in there. I spent more than an hour listening to him babble on about useless topics, wondering why I had ever left my nice warm bed. When dinner had finished, he wanted to go out for more fun. (Is that what we were having?) Please count me out then! I had had just about all I could handle. Watching grass grow would have been more exciting than this was.

Flat TireWe made it to his car and noticed he had a flat tire. I just kind of chuckled. This was a sign that we were not meant to go anywhere else. I was sure of that. He looked flustered and said he would just call AAA but it might take another hour or so for them to arrive. I looked at him blankly and asked why he didn’t change it himself. (As a female that can work on my own car, this was beyond my comprehension that a man more than 10 years older than me with as much life experience as he claimed he had, could not possibly know how to change a tire.) I guess my look got to him and he popped the trunk to get the jack. Finally, after fidgeting with the jack for about 5 minutes, he turned to me and asked me if I knew where the jack was supposed to go. I knelt down to find the brace and showed him where to put it, while laughing in disbelief. He jacked up the car before even loosening the lug nuts. The car lurched forward and startled me. “Didn’t you put the emergency brake on?” I asked him. He looked bewildered and said that he didn’t know he had to. (You have got to be kidding me! I knew he was a city boy from New York, but I had no idea he was this stupid!) After telling him to put the car back down, putting the brake on and loosening the lug nuts, I reminded him that I was in a dress and heels and was not about to get on the ground and do this myself. A couple of guys walked up about that time and asked if we needed help. I told them that he obviously did but he was not getting help from me because a 40 year old man should know how to change a tire.

I must have sounded cruel that night. One of the guys that stopped to help him, although clearlyamused by my commentary, told me that I was Flat Tirenot very nice for taunting him so much. I rolled my eyes and shook my head and told them he should consider it a learning experience. After the tire was back on, and I was cleaned up from the grease on my hands, I was determined to find something better to do. I couldn’t believe that he still wanted to go out. Persistence was not about to pay off here. I told him that I was tired and just wanted to go to bed. I went to my car, something I could have done an hour before if I wanted to miss the fun of watching him change a tire, and called up some friends and went out. I never did go out again with him and to this day, I can’t even remember his name.

~ Rose Leisure


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    I do think it is a turn on when a man can change a tire. Not all men can do this and not all men are “manly” men. After going through this ordeal, maybe you realized that being a self-sufficient man is a trait that is important to you. I think the fact that you weren’t into him to begin with was a turn off, along with being inept to change a tire, was the added topping on the cake. Maybe if you had a connection, the tire would not be an issue? But if these types of acts that a man should perform are important to you, than now you know another “dealbreaker” to add to your dating list of what is and is not acceptable to you.

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