The Love Of My Life

It was in November 21, 2012 when I started talking to the love of my life.

live-arizona-love-wisconsin_designWe meet online, on a chat sight and started talking; being ourselves not knowing what the other one would do or say. We talked for about three hours before I told him that I was pregnant and he didn’t mind when I told him. He drove from Wisconsin all the way down to Arizona to come propose to me and then after my son was born, we moved back to Wisconsin.

~ Ruby Miller


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    Long distance relationships can be a bit scary, as it requires a lot of work and constant communication. I am glad that your man was ok with you being pregnant and accepting of that fact. Its nice to know that he loved you so much to drive cross country to come to you. Glad you found love online and are able to be together in the same state.

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