The Manipulative Bestie

Freshman year of college, was the breaking point of mine and my EX-best friend’s “friendship.” For all intent and purposes lets just call her “Sam” and the male love interest “Riley.”

Broken Hearted

I’m going to start the summer before school started, just to get a tad bit more background to the story. Sam’s then-boyfriend, Dustin, had joined the national guard, against her wishes, to “provide for her.” His departure was tearful and dramatic just like any airport departure scene in any romantic movie ever. He had been gone for probably six months when she started hanging out with an old high school friend, Matt, who ended up being a psycho, more on that later. After a while of spending a good portion of every day together, she cheated on Dustin with Matt. SHOCKER. After that she became a VERY different person. My theory? She had already done the most despicable thing she could have done so she didn’t see herself as anything other than her looks and body. She labeled it as finally becoming the real her. I labeled it as Her acting out after being bound by rules when with Dustin.

Honestly, we’re talking about wear crop tops around the dorm without a bra and with nipple piercings, basically dry humping a pillow in a room full of guys, and eye fucking every guy she walked past. I’m all for being comfy but, when you’re surrounded with testosterone filled adolescent boys with only one thing on their minds? There are limits.

Anyways, half way through the year I had MAJOR feelings for my male best friend, Riley. I’m talking “can’t breath-heart is pounding-butterflies in your stomach” Defcon 1 level of romantic feelings. What I felt towards him was more than infatuation, more than lust, and definitely more than liking. I don’t think I would go as far as to say that I LOVED him romantically but it felt damn near close. Sam knew every single feeling I had towards him when she put the moves on him after he accidentally fell asleep in our shared dorm room.

We were listening to music in our dorm room when we all ended up falling asleep. Me, on my bed, and Sam and Riley on hers. I woke up to see them in a tangle of limbs, completely zonked out. Not really feeling in the sadist mood, I took his dorm key and just went to his room to finish sleeping.

Maybe thirty minutes later they came in, not that I that I was actually asleep. For all I know it could have just been five minutes but it felt like a damn eternity for me. After Sam complained that her back hurt, and Riley ever-so-graciously offering to massage it for her, they laid down on the bed with me, their heads to my feet, and began to fall back asleep. Again, not really in the mood to cuddle after seeing them doing it only a little bit before, I got up and went back to my dorm room.

Sam told me a month later that after I left her and Riley in my room, Riley just whipped out his…equipment, OUT OF NO WHERE, and she declined, stating “she wasn’t that type of girl.” I know what you’re thinking, “Come on dude,┬áreally” and “Go Sam!” NO.

A few more months went by when I was hanging out with Riley and our mutual friend Nicole, when we got on the topic of who we made out with. One thing led to another and it ended with Riley and I in the stairway next to Nicole’s room and him telling me that IN FACT Sam was kissing his neck and making her way south when Riley Jr. made an appearance. After avoiding her for a good week or so I confronted her about it after being fed up with the elephant in the room. Her response? She didn’t want it to affect how I saw him. Hilarious, right? SHE, my best friend in the entire world, the girl who I cried to about not WANTING to have that strong of feelings towards him, the girl who I had been best friends with for almost eight years, didn’t want my knowing that SHE kissed HIM to affect how I saw HIM.

That’s not all. The kicker? After we stopped being friends and she moved out of our dorm room I found out that after I left her and Riley, the second time, and went back to my room? She started kissing him again. F***ing hilarious.

Even more hilarious? She and Dustin are back together after being fuck buddies for a few months. Which was another reason I disliked her. After he came back from Boot Camp and training for the National Guard she messaged him. One thing lead to another and there he was, wrapped around her manipulative little finger like a white flag in the wind.

~ Cassidy M.


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    I am sorry to hear that your very best friend would betray you and change like that. If Riley was not strong enough of a man to say no to her affections, then he was never the man for you in the first place. As Iv’e commented in other posts, friends come and go throughout your entire life for one reason or another. I do feel that since Sam cheated on Dustin, that she did not have any self worth and stopped caring who she affected with her actions. I say, if you really like someone, then tell them then and there. Don’t wait because they may be feeling the same way you are too. Love is not easy, but if you are open and receptive for it, then you will manifest that person right to you.

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