9 months.
39 weeks.
273 days.
394,461 minutes.
23,667,694 seconds.
Of time.
Time spent with you.
Time spent loving you.
Time wasted.
Wasted on you.
Time you spent lying.
Time you spend loving somebody else.
How do I go back?  How do I reverse the time?
If I knew what I know now, then I could’ve saved.
Saved time.
Saved all the time I spent wondering.
All the time I spend hurting.
I invested all of my time.
To be left with nothing.
Nothing but time.
That’s all I am reminded of.
All the time we spent.
All the memories we made.
9 months, 273 days, 6,574 hours, 394,461 minutes, and 23,667,674 seconds  worth of time.
Time I’ll spend trying to forget,
And time you’ve already forgot.

~ Janelle Andrea, Author


  1. Lil' Miss Gossip says:

    I love this poem. It is amazing to think about how much time does go and how much of your life really is dedicated to one person. I agree that the time spent in the beginning is joy and happiness. In a failing relationship, all you want to do is forget the time you spent. But, you will always learn and take away at least 1 important thing about yourself and how to apply that in the next relationship going forward. Think of time as a learning lesson and not necessarily as being wasted.

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